Construction and Technical Management

Construction and Technical Management

In accordance with the pre-feasibility reports we prepared at the beginning of the investment, we draft up our detailed designs to cover all the technical and administrative requirements of the project and provide its optimization in the process. 
We make a payment plan and supply planning in accordance with the project permit periods with the selection of the most suitable, efficient, environmentally friendly technology and equipment, With our engineering and field team, who have proven their experience and expertise in many different locations in different countries, and have completed and commissioned 100+ projects, we keep up quality in power plant workmanship and installation. From the construction process and commissioning of the power plant, we take an active role in the power plant operation with risk analysis in a way that will not disrupt production. 
We provide power plant monitoring operation with the continuous coordination of our competent engineers and field personnel, in a way to keep the plant safety and efficiency at the highest level. In accordance with the customer's request, we provide detailed explanation reports and production data as often as desired.