Health and Safety

Health and Safety

As “Health and Safety” is at the core of our values we promote and train our employees to develop this as a natural part of their culture.
The value of human life goes above anything else, therefore our target is zero injuries. Constant improvement, investigation and open communication of incidents are part of our safety procedures. We want to offer a safe working environment, and this is only achieved thanks to the commitment and contribution of every employee. We promote safety without any compromise. Our Ambitions- We are dedicated to putting HSE at the center of all our activities,

Our Ambitions
- Train all our employees according to the relevant health and safety requirements for their workplace.
- Reduce HSE risks, incidents and near misses, and work-related illness.
- Reduce the use of hazardous materials.
- Reduce the sources for the sustainable world.
- Increase the awareness of being health and safe while working for YEO Solar in any work place.
- Plan HSE activities and identify the risks sets ambitious objectives.
- Improve our HSE/SA performance in all operations.
- To comply the standart and guarantee our continuous HSE improvement.