About DEFIC Globe

About DEFIC Globe

DEFIC Globe’s vision is to assist in creation of a Carbon-Free World. 
We support our customers in the development, financing, construction and operation of the most effective and sustainable renewable energy projects with our technical, financial expertise and highly experienced inhouse team.
About DEFIC Globe
In 2021, DEFIC Globe partners YEO and Emsolt decided to combine their integrative expertise and experience to offer an extensive range of renewable energy Project development, construction and related financial services on a global scale. 
EMSOLT is a company that focuses on the development and investments of projects in the field of clean energy.. 
YEO was established in the early 2000s to serve in the field of electrification and automation of industrial facilities, power plants and other infrastructure projects. 
We have,
- Deep knowledge of local energy markets and their regulatory, legislation environment
- Comprehensive technical and practical expertise on renewable energy projects
- Extensive networks of local developers, financial institutions and other stakeholders in renewable energy sector.